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Small decorations with a big effect from a famous Christmas wholesale

Do you have a cozy, small store and do you want some small trinkets that fit perfectly in your shop? Then Christmas wholesale Timstor in Arendonk, in Belgium, will definitely be able to help you pick out the perfect decorations. They have more than 2000 different items in stock and change their range of products each year to be up to date with the newest trends.

Create a magical moment

With the little Christmas trinkets from this wholesale store you are sure to make a magical moment for all your customers. They might be small in size, but the effect they have is far from small. You can put the little Santa Clauses, gnomes, elves or other figurines in between your usual products to spread the holiday spirit all around the store. Another way to decorate your shop with the decorations from Timstor is by putting them in your shop window. They take up a small amount of space, which is ideal to keep the main focus of the customers on your own products, while still spreading the Christmas spirit. One of the many options are the metal Christmas decorations. These have very vibrant colours and are a real eyecatcher. Timstor has hundred of different metal trinkets for you to choose from. Do you want a metal carol singer or rather an original nutcracker? Everything is possible thanks to the wide range of these experts. They even have real gingerbread figurines in all shapes and sizes.

Fill in their contact form for more information

Are you interested to buy one or more of their small trinkets to decorate your store with, but do you still have some questions? Ask these Christmas wholesale experts all your questions today! They have a handy contact form on their website. Before you know it, they will send an answer to all your questions about their products.