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Why you shouldn’t use pure CBD oils

Many shops do not carry CBD oils in their shops. The reason is that it is a chemically produced CBD oil. Unlike a full-spectrum CBD oil, it does not meet the criteria of a quality CBD oil.

How can it be that a pure cbd oil contains more CBD than a full-spectrum CBD oil and is still of less quality? Pure CBD oil contains – compared to a full spectrum CBD oil – more cannabidiol in pure substance. However, it lacks other cannabinoids and plant compounds. A full-spectrum CBD oil derives its strengths from this. Because the cannabinoids and plant substances achieve the entourage effect through their interaction.

The Entourage Effect

In the entourage effect, plant substances such as terpenes or bitter substances interact with the cannabinoids. This achieves an optimized effect. A pure CBD oil is a so-called mono preparation, which focuses on the pure substance cannabidiol. Monopreparations are therefore avoided in many cases because they are less effective. Chemical isolation dissolves the plant substances, generating a pharmaceutical preparation.

The benefits of pure CBD oil contains a lot of CBD no bitter aftertaste The cons of pure CBD oil no other cannabinoids or plant substances no entourage effect more expensive than a full spectrum CBD oil Monopreparation = reduced effect Reduced to a single plant active ingredient, which has only a limited effect due to the isolation

So which CBD oil is right for you? There is no blanket answer to this question. Because every CBD oil has advantages and disadvantages. If you don’t like bitter tastes or are sensitive to them, you can use cannabidiol gold oil without hesitation. As it contains other cannabinoids (particularly CBD), which has a sleep-inducing effect.
You should avoid pure CBD oils for the reasons mentioned above. Not only are they more expensive, but they don’t have any significant advantages over a full-spectrum CBD oil.

How do I become a CBD patient?

Since 2017, patients with serious illnesses have been able to use medical CBD as an alternative therapy.

Once the law has been ratified, any medical practitioner will be allowed to prescribe medicinal CBD or any drug containing the required active ingredients.

If you are receiving medicinal CBD, there are a few things you should check with your doctor beforehand, such as:


To what extent is therapy with CBD bedrocan strain a goal-promoting measure for your clinical picture? To what extent can relief occur?

Options for the dosage form that suits you (tablets, oil, spray, tea, ointment, etc.).