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Collect Dresden scraps for your own collection

Do you like festive scrapsheets that have a cheerful vibe? Then Dresden scraps are the best addition to your collection! Dresden scraps have a lot of gold and relief, giving them a festive look. The gold is luxurious and brings a joyful cheer to your collection. The depictions of angels, good-luck charms and Christmas wishes are common on Dresden scraps. Creative souls know that Dresden scraps are a great addition to their collection and they are more than happy to add new scrapsheets from an online shop. What Dresden scraps are you looking for?

How does collecting scrapsheets work?

First, you can start by making a guide from the scrapsheets you already own. Maybe you find a recurring theme in your scrapsheets, what makes it easier to complete your collection. Did you find out that you have an extensive collection of Dresden scraps? If you are looking for an online reference guide to discover which scrapsheets would fit your collection, Picture-Scraps is the place for you. This reference guide is however never complete and is constantly updated with new productions of the Dresden scraps that are available. One of the most well-known producers of Dresden scraps, Littauer & Boysen, make a new collection every year.

Place your order from the small collection of scrapsheets

There is a small collection of Dresden scraps available for sale at Picture-Scraps. If one of the scrapsheets has sparked your interest, then do not wait any longer to contact Picture-Scraps to place your order. If you have any questions, you can request more information about the scrapsheets. One of the main advantages is that the person behind Picture-Scraps speaks multiple languages. You can communicate with them in Dutch, English, French and German. But if you have a different native language, Google Translate is their best friend!