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Playing squash and getting better | Quality Squash Stores

The annoying treatment of my leg did make for a less pleasant period, but it was necessary to literally keep my elderly body going, as seen by the top sports eyes. Luckily it all went well and recovered and I can go back to work for a few years!

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I don’t owe this special experience, national champion, just to myself. Also to the rest of the team. To Victoria Rotterdam, Stephen Cooke and Ronald Permentier. Thank you for the hospitality, conviviality and for the support and coaching!
Parents of children in the Dutch squash world; what answer do you give to someone who asks to tell something about yourself? “Well, I have a partner (or not), one or more children. They are in school and one of them is a (top) athlete.” Is it true that such a conversation has an impact on your child’s squash career? It often does, doesn’t it? And it’s also fun to tell. But the interviewer asked about you. I would like to ask you to think about the impact of your child’s hobby on your life and that of your family.

Imagine a random situation at home. What are the conversations about? Are they always about squash? No, no, also about other topics? E.g.; “What does the week look like?” Read: what needs to be arranged in terms of food and transportation in connection with squash training. “Let’s see what’s on the agenda this weekend”. Read: can we all go to that birthday, or do we go separately because of the tournament………………………………….. And then there are all kinds of conversations about physio, sports equipment, the importance of good food and sleep (because preparation for the tournament), holidays (or there are training camps), etc…

After all, school is the most important thing of all, right? But that’s also what squash is all about; When is the test week? Doesn’t that coincide with tournaments? Holiday training? Will they be at your school during the holidays? You have to get good grades, otherwise you won’t get permission for your tournaments abroad! What further education are you going to do? Are they flexible about training and tournaments?

I see parents who, in my opinion, are far too fanatical about their sporting child. It’s just a hobby, it’s about “the fun”. But why do I see parents who just get ugly when their child is about to lose? Or if an idiot screams when their child makes a point. Or, even worse, they grin when the opponent makes a mistake or even becomes sad. Or even worse, who don’t speak to their child if he/she misbehaves in a disgraceful way!

For us, the most important thing has always been to gain life experience; to learn to deal with winning and losing, to be able to stay abroad alone, and to get along with everyone else in the world in social terms. In other words: experiences you can use for the rest of your life.

And then comes the day he or she indicates that they don’t like it so much anymore. “All the pressure, all the pressure, all the people who expect something from you. I’m tired of that”. We have always said: as long as he/she likes it, fine. As soon as he/she doesn’t like it anymore; also good! But the latter is not fair. It hurts, you are sad, surprised and also a bit disappointed. After all, he or she has invested years (and you too) in money, time, effort and care. And that’s suddenly gone. You see all the opportunities and possibilities that are offered to him/her go up in smoke. All experiences that he/she could still have are not going through…

Nonsense! He/she is still young and can, so to speak, turn around tomorrow like a leaf on a tree and pick up the hobby more fanatically. If not, then not. We can’t look into the future, we can’t and shouldn’t map out the life of our child. We can only contribute to him/her growing up to be a good person. That is the only achievement you can show off as a parent. Not with the titles and victories; they are the merit of your child!

I regularly write my columns with a critical undertone. With a certain topicality I express my opinion in the text I have written. That can and may be done in a column.

As long as I walk around in the squash community, I observe and analyse the situation. What my senses pick up is used as food for a new piece of writing. Almost everything that happens or doesn’t happen is reviewed. I’m talking about sweaty hands that are wiped from the glass and not so much as that. I’m talking about Tommy Berden who, as organizer of the World Cup in Rotterdam, was the only one who wasn’t thanked for his efforts. When something like that is noticed it deserves attention.

Also the free glass of water during the competition was a subject. Now I’m not the hardest but I think as an athlete also in the interest of the club. Without a club there is no sport. One cannot do without the other. No matter how independent we want to be. We have and it all needs each other.

Speaking of which, now h

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